CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer

When photographing a scene with a digital camera, both your eyes and the camera sensor see much more color, contrast and other fine detail than the LCD display on mobile devices can typically show. Increasing the backlight brightness only makes the image “brighter” and does nothing to improve overall image quality while draining the battery much more quickly. CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer is an great alternative to your mobile device’s standard photo viewer app and is designed to remedy these problems.

Incorporating CrystalView™ image enhancement technology, PhotoPlayer provides clearer, sharper, more colorful and all together more vibrant images for your viewing pleasure. This app is not a photo editor or a photo flash app and does not alter your original photos in any way while enhancing them for optimum viewing on even the worst or best LCD displays. Best of all, there are no complicated controls. With only one simple setting, CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer automatically displays all your photos as you eyes originally saw them and as your digital camera originally captured them!

CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer Features

CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer includes the following features:

  • CrystalView™ real time image enhancement for optimum photo quality and clarity
  • Boosts your device’s native contrast ratio from 1,000:1 to a dynamic contrast ratio of more than 20,000:1
  • Automatic operation, no complicated controls and the original photos are not altered
  • Select photos to view from any of your device albums
  • Create and save custom photo playlists
  • Sort the photo viewing order as you prefer to view them
  • View your photos manually or as a slideshow
  • Various slideshow settings including: display time, transition effects, repeat and shuffle
  • Share enhanced photos to Facebook®, Twitter® or by Email

CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer Blog

Welcome to our blog. Here we’ll provide you useful information about CrystalView™ PhotoPlayer and digital imaging in general. We welcome your comments!

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About Aexéda, LLC

At Aexéda, we utilize our proprietary and patented CrystalView™ technologies to develop applications primarily focused on the optimum display of image content on mobile communication devices.

CrystalView™ allows our applications to automatically display image content, both still and video, on mobile devices with unprecedented quality and clarity.

We are currently developing mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

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